Thursday, October 17, 2013

-33 Weeks and Counting- Forgot to post this, whoops

How Far Along? 33 weeks
Weight Gained? one needs to know that haha.  I don't even know anymore.
Maternity Clothes? That's about all I can fit into right now so absolutely.
Stretch marks?  Yup.
Sleep?  I have been sleeping a little bit better but not much.  I think I am just SO tired that I can actually sleep a little bit longer in between waking up to switch sides.  My hips still hurt but they are either feeling a little better due to physical therapy or I have just gotten used to the pain.
Best Moment This Week? Setting my 34 weeks ultrasound :) I get to see her again!  Worst moment you may ask?  Being told that I am considered a high risk pregnancy due to my consistent high blood pressure.  I work at doTERRA (they sell essential oils) and of course all of the consultants are telling me to use Lavender because it it supposed to lower your blood pressure.  Sooo...I'm trying it.  It's worth a shot.  Anyway, I just don't want to end up with preeclampsia.  That would be so awful.
Movement? She moves around so much.  It really is so much fun to just watch my stomach move and feel everything.  At almost every doctor appointment the doctor has commented on my active child.  He also calls her a turkey because she is measuring 2 weeks fat.  Aww my sweet chubby girl :)
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick? No, and I am very lucky for that.
Belly Button In or Out? I kept telling myself that my belly button would finally be an outie or at least a flatie but it is still an innie...I think it always will be.  Darn
Wedding Rings On or Off?  It is still off due to the fact that I have become allergic to my wedding ring.  I really hope that this allergy goes away after I have her.
Looking Forward To? My 34 weeks ultrasound next Wednesday!  I love seeing her and getting to know more about her.  I am also looking forward to the baby shower on 9/21/13 that my lovely sisters are throwing me!
Missing Anything? I am really so done with being pregnant.  I just want it to be over and I want my baby girl in my arms.
Food Cravings? No, not really.
Labor Signs?  I'm not really sure if I have felt any fake contractions.  You think I would know but I just can't tell if that's what they really are.  So I'm not sure..
Happy or Moody Most of the Time? For the most part I am happy.  But I have many moody moments too.
Symptoms?  My hips are sore and so is my pelvic area.  I can leave a really large indent in my ankles when I press on them.  Pretty impressive right?  Oh, and high blood pressure (hypertension).

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