Friday, August 16, 2013

29.5 Weeks and Counting/Camera Clean-up

We decided to do a random spur of the moment trip to Henefer one Sunday.  I love my family!

How Far Along? 29.5 Weeks!
Weight Gained? Oh probably too much.
Maternity Clothes? Yes and I love them.  I wear whatever fits now. Can't be too picky.
Stretch marks?  Yup.
Sleep?  It's actually been better.  I started going to Physical Therapy for my hips 3 weeks ago and I think its really helping.
Best Moment This Week?  Hearing her heartbeat when she had hiccups.  She is so sweet.  I love her too much!
Movement? She is super active!  When my doctor was trying to find her heartbeat he kept on getting mine and hers because she was moving around around so much.  He was like, "Man, this kid is active!"
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick? No, I'm way lucky in that department.
Belly Button In or Out? Still barely an innie!
Wedding Rings On or Off?  Alright get this...About a week ago I thought I got this werid bug bite on my ring finger.  It was really itchy and of course I scratched it.  It started to get a little swollen so I took off my ring and put a bigger ring on to replace it.  I noticed that it was NOT a bug bite but a rash.  When I went into my appointment on Tuesday I asked my doctor what was going on and he was like..."Oh yeah, that's pretty common with pregnant women.  Because your body, hormones, and chemicals are changing you became allergic to your ring."  Um yeah...I was shocked.  He even said that it could be permanent.  Please no...
Looking Forward To? I am down to an appointment every 2 weeks!  I'm also looking forward to my 34 week ultrasound.  I love seeing my baby girl.  I can't wait to meet her!
Missing Anything? My high school body.
Food Cravings? No, not really.
Labor Signs?  No, and I'm grateful for that.
Happy or Moody Most of the Time? Happy most of the time.
Symptoms?  My hips are still hurting but they are feeling better.  I am just getting to the uncomfortable stage.

We did the Temple to Temple 5K on Pioneer Day.  Wahoo!  Now I can say that I've done 2 5K's while prgnant. :)  Aaron ran the whole thing and then came back to find me and walk the rest with me.  Luckily I wasn't walking alone.  Amy and her friend are both pregnant so we walked it together.

On a walk with Aaron.  I think I am about 24 weeks in this shot.

 Aaron's grandparents where the Grand Marshals in the 4th of July parade.

This is at Provo Beach Resort.  doTERRA (where I work) had their summer party here.  Aaron had an awesome time playing simulated golf.  Guess what?  Aaron sang karaoke in front of everyone!  I bet you can guess he sang a Killers song.  I was so proud and in love :)

We went to San Francisco to visit David and Jani and their kids.  We love their family and they were such awesome hosts!  It was so windy as displayed in the picture below.

Back to Henefer.  Aaron is so manly.

These are just a few things that you will find in the baby room!  Aaron spray painted the frame and then spray painted the mirror to make it a chalkboard.  The cute rocking chair was found at an antique shop in a small town near Henefer.

So Hannah got a creepy lizard that I won't touch.  Everyone thinks its cool though.


  1. The lizard is gross. You look amazing. Glad your hips are feeling better. Move here already. I love how long your hair is. Love the tractor picture of Aaron. See you in a few!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love all the pictures! It makes me miss Henefer a lot, and of course all of you. You look great Rachel and I can't wait to meet this little girl (and see lots of pictures)! Love you guys!