Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Time is a Passin'

So today marks the day that Aaron and I have been married for six months and 3 days!  I know, I was going to post on the actual day (the 16th) but didn't have time.  Time flies by.  It seriously doesn't seem like it's been six months.  Aaron and I were talking, and we both think we still have a TON to learn about each other, but that's the fun part.  We're enjoying getting to know each other better and learning new things about each other everyday.  We have done so much together during this short time we've been married.  Here, I'll list a few things.

Moved into a beautiful condo.
Aaron's car broke down :(
Sold Aaron's car.
Bought a Corolla! :)
Went on a trip to Vegas.
Going to Goblin Valley in 2 weeks.
Planning on painting our house.
Going to Bear Lake in July with Aaron's family.
Hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim in August.
Going to Bear Lake in September with my side of the family.
And hopefully going on a cruise in December for our one year anniversary!

We are excited to continue getting to know each other better and being best friends.  I always hear that the first year is just magical..but really it's not all magic.  Marriage is a lot of work but we have loved it.  

So I have come across the case of the workout bug.  I love when these little kicks of energy come along.  The real reason I started working out is because we are hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim in August like I mentioned earlier.  We did it two years ago and it was so much fun!  I was in killer shape from cheer leading so I really didn't have a hard time with it.  I decided that if I didn't want to get my butt kicked, I needed to start working out again.  So I broke down and got my first gym membership!  I go to Planet Fitness.  It's only $10 a month so I don't feel like I'm breaking the bank.  I don't go as often as I would like but I do work out at least three times a week (which is much better than before.)  I feel myself getting stronger and I feel more energy.  Why don't I just work out all of the time?  Let's hope I stick with it.  Yay for Planet Fitness!


  1. It's crazy how fast it goes by! It feels like just yesterday Devin and I were impatiently waiting for our wedding. We should go on a double date next week! I miss seeing you guys!

  2. A Cruise???????? Im so jealous. Everyone always told us that the first year was the worst. I loved it! Looks like you have a fun summer planned!

  3. Kinze, I am coming over NO MATTER WHAT this week to see your new and improved house and to catch up kay? And Jani, I HOPE we get to go on a cruise. It's definitely a possibility this year! Wahoo!