Saturday, June 23, 2012

Out in the Sticks

This weekend Aaron and I went up to the cabin in Henefer!  We left on Thursday after work and stayed till Saturday afternoon.  We had an AWESOME time and did a TON of fun things.  We hiked, shed hunted, went 4-wheeling, shot shotguns at clay pigeons, and got SUPER filthy.  We loved every minute of it.  It was a well needed relaxing weekend.  It was so nice to just spend every second with Aaron and not worry about work or other things.  

Kevin, Aaron's dad, made this!  TALENT


The Avalanche (it doesn't look like much but it's VERY deep and VERY dangerous.)

Shooting 12 gauge shotguns at clay pigeons.  Aaron's awesome.

I surprised myself by actually shattering about 10 clay pigeons!

Okay, I just HAD to put this on here.  Look at that form...haha Let's just say I'd better stick to the shooting.  Poor Aaron..I was trying so hard!

Kambree had a blast!

Obviously Riley did too.

Ridin on the 4-wheeler

On the top of Lone Tree

We found lots of pretty feathers.

4-wheeler Master

Shed Hunting Rachel: 1  Aaron: 0

 Rachel: 1  Aaron: 1

Rachel: 2  Aaron: 1

This little guy scared Aaron half to death.  All he saw was eyes haha.  What a little cutie.

Rachel: 3  Aaron: 1
As you can tell it was getting dark so we hiked back to the 4-wheeler and I was the shed hunting queen for the night.  Maybe I should coach Aaron a little :)

While driving home, we drove through Heber and there was this awesome car show in the park.  We just HAD to take a look.  How neat right?

We really had the best time this weekend.  We didn't want it to ever end!  But we're home now and it's back to reality.  I think we will frequent the cabin a lot this summer and many years to come.  Thank you to all who put in all of that hard work and dedication to the cabin.


  1. I was so grumpy all weekend that we couldnt come up. I hate that we are that busy now that we have to use saturdays and work on the house/yard days. It looks so fun. I really want that VW van that has the camper on top. That is awesome. Thanks for putting a picture of the avelanch. I have never seen it before.

  2. It was fun to visit on Friday...haha obviously the girls had a good time. They were so tired after that but it was great! Thanks again for feeding us:)