Thursday, June 6, 2013

19 Weeks and Counting - Can't wait to meet out little girl

How Far Along? 19 Weeks (and a day. it counts alright?)
Weight Gained? 10lbs
Maternity Clothes? You betcha and they are oh so comfy.
Stretch marks?  Awww maaann...yes
Sleep?  Its rough.  I sleep with one pillow in between my knees and holding a pillow that it kind of tucked under my belly.  My hips start to hurt if I am on one side too long so I am constantly switching sides all night.  We sleep in a double bed so Aaron and I wake each other up a lot.
Best Moment This Week? I love every little tiny kick and punch.  Best feeling in the world.
Movement? Oh yeah.  I love every one.  She seems pretty active.
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick? Nope.  I feel great.  Just tired.
Belly Button In or Out? It's still an innie.  It's popping out more and more everyday though.  I just might have an outie here in the next few weeks.
Wedding Rings On or Off?  Still on!!
Looking Forward To? My next doctors apt on June 18th.  Its the 20 week untrasound!  I get to see her and watch them measure every inch of her cute little body.  I am seriously hoping they tell me that I am measuring early!  But yeah that's every going to happen haha.
Missing Anything? My high school body.  I started this pregnancy at my heaviest weight ever...lovely.
Food Cravings? Nope.  But when I get hungry I need food at that very moment!
Labor Signs?  Heck no.  Thank goodness.
Happy or Moody Most of the Time? Haha Aaron might tell you otherwise but I am mostly happy.  A few weeks during the first trimester I was pretty moody.
Symptoms?  My feet and hands got swollen last Sunday.  I was really nervous because that is a sign of preeclampsia.  I think it was just because I was really hot.  Let's hope so at least.  I also get tired a lot.  That's about all :)


  1. I know you didnt do this for me but I am sure glad you did since we arent seeing each other now. Ha, That sounds funny... seeing each other. Anyway, I am glad you arent sick. Pregnant sleeping sucks and I am still so excited for you. Cant wait to see you in 1 WEEK. Get here already!