Wednesday, October 17, 2012

-Bear Lake Round 2-

This time around we went to Bear Lake for the Gundersen reunion (my mom's side of the family).  We had a blast!  It was my Mor Mor and Pa Pa's 60th wedding anniversary.  The 60th is called your diamond year.  Isn't that cool?  We danced, mini golfed, ate delicious food, tried the paddle boards, took out the wave runner, had a horse shoe competition, and got to know family better.  I am so glad that our family still has reunions.  They are much appreciated and needed.

Of course our family can't get together without having everything be a competition. [Aaron won! :)]

Study, study, study

My Mor Mor and Pa Pa!  Happy 60th!

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  1. Fun! That picture of them at the end is so cute!