Monday, August 13, 2012

For The Love Of

Deseret Book. Aaron and I met at this fabulous place in May of 2011. It sure seems like a marvelous place to work right? Well it definitely is, but only for the first few months and then it just goes downhill from there. I started working there in August of 2010. The Distribution Center and Deseret Book combined in May so they needed to hire new people. My parents and I were on a lovely vacation in Europe at the time of the merger so when I came home and went back to work, there were a ton of new faces. Aaron caught MY eye! He finally asked me out and of course we were history from there. Aaron is a very hard working, trusting individual. He immediately became a favorite with the boss. He was able to get his cousin Scott in on the job. A few months later he was also able to get his third cousin Stephen to work there. Aaron loved his job for a while. After all, he was working with two of his best friends and his girlfriend! When Aaron and I got married he was offered a supervisor position. If he were to take to job I would of had to transfer stores or quit. I was totally fine with quitting. Let's be honest. It was actually a really nice way to leave. A really great excuse anyway. So now Aaron is the lone survivor out of his two best friends and his now wifey. Stephen left to go work for the MTC as a security guard a few months ago. Scott followed in his footsteps and also got a job at the MTC as a security guard a few weeks ago. What will Aaron do without his best buds? I was able to come into Deseret Book on Scott's last day at Deseret Book and take a few pics for the besties. You know, as much as working at Deseret Book really made me have a sour taste in my mouth for that particular store...Deseret Book did give Aaron and I a great love story.

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  1. This made me laugh so hard! Totally downhill after day one or so.