Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Wedding

So I'v been debating whether or not to start from the beginning or start from life as we know it.  I decided to start from the day I became a Beenfield.  It was December 16, 2012, I woke up about thirty minutes before my alarm went off.  5:00am I showered, blow dried my hair, did my makeup, and went to go get my hair done at Aveda.  I had time to spare!  Aaron and I decided to drive to the Salt Lake temple by ourselves.  When we got there we checked my dress and Aaron's suit in and waited for the rest of our family to show up.  We were then married for time an all eternity in the Salt Lake City temple at 11:40 am.  The sealing was beautiful and we were so grateful for all of those who came to support us.  There were little flurries when we walked out of the temple doors.  It was FREEZING!  We kept each other warm and cuddly though.  Then we took pictures for a while and pretended that we weren't  frozen.  I couldn't even move my fingers after it was all over with but it was so worth it.  We had an amazing photographer and got some great pictures on the best day of our lives.  After we thawed, Aaron and I drove to Madeline's, the stake house where we had our luncheon, and chowed down.  We played the slideshow that I made of Aaron and I growing up.  It was amazing to have both of our families and friends there to support us.  Thank you all again!  After the luncheon we had some down time to relax and wait for the reception.  We got to Le Chateau just in time to get the family pictures done.  We stood in the reception line for basically the whole night!  Our reception was from 7-9.  We had some people show up at around 6:45 and we didn't get out of line until around 8:45!  We had to break the line at some point to cut the cake and do the daddy daughter dance and the couples first dance.  We cut the cake and drank from the brautbecher and then we danced!  One of my favorite memories is when all of the babies started dancing together.  They were so cute!  They would fight for turns with each other. By the end of the day Aaron and I were pretty worn out.  We got changed and walked out to a tunnel of sparklers.  It was beautiful!  I was a little nervous that my hair would catch on fire but the nerves passed as soon as we saw our car...Saran wrap, oreos, ketchup and mustard..yuck.  Oh well off to the honeymoon.  But not before we put our clever plan into action.  We parked my 4Runner at the back of the lot and pretended to drive away with Aaron's nasty ketchup car but then slipped into my nice clean car.  We drove to Sandy, UT to our nice little Bed and Breakfast called the Hansen Inn.  We stayed there for two nights and then it was back to work on Monday!  We had such a wonderful wedding day.  It was more than I could of dreamed for.  Thank you mom for planning the whole thing!  Love you Aaron!

We exchanged rings after we walked outside.

My mom played a few songs on the harp.  She is so talented.  She also did the flowers.  Love you momma.

So so cute.

The children fighting to dance with each other.

We had a flaming crepe bar!


  1. yay, welcome to the blogger world! You had a beautiful wedding day, Rach, and beautiful pictures too! Congrats again! I can tell you guys love each other a lot :)

  2. Finally, Finally!!! Im so glad you have decided to do this. I loved your wedding and am so glad that you are in the fam. That last picture is like it popped out of a dream.

  3. Oh my goodness! Your wedding was so cute! Can we please play soon?? Love you :)

  4. Your wedding was absolutely beautiful! darling couple!
    we were married there too! xoxo

  5. I love your wedding.
    Your mom is amazing.
    And Im so glad we're friends. :)

  6. Rachel!!! Hey! I don't really have facebook access here in Jerusalem, but I have a few questions for you...can you please email me asap? :) Thanks so much! Hope all is going well for you and you!